Meet The kidZgen Team!

Krisel Juan-Meza



On June 1st, 2018, I decided to leave my rising corporate career as a Leader Practice Consultant, leading innovation Strategies and Partnerships to pursue a Start-Up dream. I've always been driven by the idea of building and creating something that will make an impact, working towards something that inspires me, its passion that turns dreams to and imagination into when an unexpected see gets planted in my head by my now 8 year old daughter, I believe there is no greater mission than a vision that has been inspired by a mother's love, struggles, and dreams. Get ready and stay turned..... project "kidZgen" is here!!!

The Boldest Ideas, Brightest Inspirations, and most Tenacious of Imaginations come from those who have not yet Learned what Bounderies and Limits are... Our kidZ!




•Audio Video master by trade, DIY enthusiast at heart.

•First and foremost, loving husband and family man.

•Watching my children grow up and experience this exciting world, means everything to me.

•I look forward to this journey of being an entrepreneur, alongside of my daughters. 

•My wife and co-founder dreams it up and I make it a reality. Any reason to buy another power tool.

It takes half your Life before you Discover Life is a Do-It-Yourself Project.

Ruben Meza
Jackie Libiano
Operations Lead &
Business Development



Be the Change you want to See in

the World.

My well-rounded job knowledge in production, operations, quality assurance & sales have been integral in my role in Business Development as Operations & Marketing Lead to help make a start-up business as ‘kidZgen’, a success. Personally, growing up in a family who values the old & welcomes the new, who are curious about learning how things are made & enjoys creating them.  At ‘kidZgen’, we combine time tested ways with innovation & come up with activities that kids can find both interesting & entertaining. We aim to develop our program with more ways to spark the everyday kid’s curiosities, to inspire them to be bold & creative, instill great seeds of love & appreciation for the arts & sciences, and through working on each activity together, we encourage more positive relationships between parents and their kids. The possibilities are limitless with how much we can help prepare & empower our kids for a successful future, and we will work hard consistently at ‘kidZgen’ to make this a reality.



Blessed to have my right and left hemisphere work together in perfect harmony. Accountant by day, Creative Designer by night or day and night =) With arts, I am free to make happy little accidents! I live for music and dance.. and my heart belongs to wonderful family and friends who celebrate and share my passion for life! I am driven and motivated by love (most esp. by dogs and kiddos!), and because I am a kid-at-heart, I love creating different venues for young individuals which fosters the establishment of their talents and skills and ultimately discovering themselves in LOVE.

And so the coming of kidZgen..

Brace yourselves, it's 'bout to get LIT! =D

A Life Well-Lived

is a Life Lived for


Anna Villaflor
Creative Designer &
Business Development
Kristine Juan
Project Manager &
Business Development

A Life Well-Lived

is a Life Lived for




The Future belongs to those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.

"I have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Cal Poly Pomona. What inspired me to pursue Hospitality was the versatility and people oriented nature of it. As a project manager for Kizgen, I get to use my organization skills, innovation, and relationship management skills to bring visions to reality. I believe the vision of Kidzgen is world changing and what our society has been craving for. When I’m not busy planning projects and events, I love to explore cities and countries, immerse myself in experiences such as food tours, give back to society by volunteering with non-profit organizations, teach and play with the young children at my church, get lost in a book, and spend time with my loving family.


Yuri Dawson is the 9 year old CEO of Nazkidz LLC, Nazkidz is a community platform where kids can interact, share, learn and appropriate content for ages 5-13. Her business is built with kid preneur and everyday kid in mind, Kids can test their ideas out in the community and get market research from their peers. Her platform the watchful eye of parents, while giving the kids a sense of independence as well as fosters positive socialization in their peer groups.